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This place truly is coffee with a new meaning. Currently serving Krankie’s Coffee from Winston-Salem, located opposite on the same block from Centennial Trading Co. (both equally deserving of their own posts), but back to Geeksboro.

During the holidays, I ventured here for the first and second times, the first merely for some design work and a coffee and the second time with my cousin to see Holy Motors. What a great movie, and something Greensboro has been missing since losing the Janus (Rest In Peace Janus Theatre). Small independent films are exactly what will bring some cinematic culture back to Greensboro, especially since losing Video Review as well. Perhaps writing this really only makes me feel the need to write an article the chronicles the loss of so many goods places in Greensboro and the phoenix-esque rise of so many new places that will eventually become staples in the community to fill the void that was lost in the former.

They serve a great Americano and Cafe Au Lait at this place, sell Krankies Coffee by the bag, among other local items.

Whether you are heading there to check out their barista action or going to catch a flick, it’s worth stopping by.

Click on the photo to head over to their website and check out what movies are playing.


The Man With The Iron Fists


Cannot wait for this to release tomorrow in theaters.  On top of that, what I’d like to call icing is the simple addition to Thursday of Backspin Radio on Sirius XM playing Wu Tang Clan a large percentage of the day.

The click-through link takes you over to an interview with GZA on the upcoming Dark Matter album, which is going to be epic to say the least.  All this hype for this movie and the upcoming album had me pull out my CDs to find my 2-disc Wu Tang Forever album and listen to it a few times, and has my Spotify and Pandora on Wu Tang.

Some of you who are friends may have seen the recent quote I posted from the GZA interview, but I would like to leave you with one more:

“Lyrics are weak like clock radio speakers.”

Now, I present you with the trailer to the movie, The Man With The Iron Fists: