Evan Morrison


Owner, Gate City Dry Goods Co.

Blogger, E.M.’s


Greensboro, North Carolina USA


BA; Language & World Business (Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese)

University of Tennessee ’10

MBA; Business Administration

University of Mississippi ’12

Post-MBA; Luxury Brand Management & Development

Institut National Superieur des hautes Etudes Economiques et Commerciales ’12


Fashion to me isn’t just how you dress and head out into the world on a daily basis, it’s what the flow of material, of cut, of color, of fit is on the person and how you instantly react when you see them.  The same goes for music, you can tell if you will like an artist or band just with one line from a song.  With food and drink, art is reviving the old, developing the new, and combining the two.  Lastly, in art, beauty is truly the opinion of individuals.


The intent of this blog is to create synergy between my opinions and those of all my followers.  Please post any comment that you feel relates to my posts.  In return, I will try to continue posting good stuff daily.


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