Field Guide to Chicks of the United States

Field Guide to Chicks of the United States

A book I recently gave a micro-blurb review for on the E.M.’s facebook page, a Field Guide to Chicks of the United States is something that arrived for me a month or so back and I have since passed around to many friends for their own review.

Quite a funny book indeed, it is one of the better books to keep beside the toilet in the bathroom for leisure reading whilst in a still moment.

The book categorizes women throughout the United States by region, something that is stereotypically funny itself, both in tastes, culture, preferences, look, and prudeness.

Here is a review from a friend of mine:

“The accuracy only adds to its hilarious nature. Once you run across a “species” from your past, you will know exactly what I mean. A top-10 read for anyone with wondering eyes. Some women, with a keen sense of humor of course, may like this read more than men (as a laugh, or to spy on the competition). Otherwise boys, read on the toilet, and keep out of sight to not offend sensitive types. And remember, this is a guide. No literature should be heeded word for word. Lastly, enjoy……”

It was quite a hilarious read all in all for myself as well. What makes it most enjoyable is the truth that underlies the stereotype.

Click on the photo of the cover of the book to head over to buy a copy.



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