Andy Ghionda NYC/Paris

Andy Ghionda is a newly-launched label that synergizes two major fashion-centric cities: NYC & Paris.

The creators of this brand have crafted beautiful pieces that carry with this as much artistry as they do function.

These guys are friends of mine, so check out their site and help support the incredible brand they’re building.

Click on the photo to watch a video for Andy Ghionda

Andy•Ghionda allows us to discover a world located on the borders of art and ready-to-wear. This meeting spot encourages creativity especially when a multicultural dimension transcends it.

Andy•Ghionda now reveals its first Fall-Winter collection for men. With each piece handmade in France the quality of materials and tailoring never fails to fall short of “timeless.” The sheer quality of fabric, design and cut characterize this attractive collection while the brand’s signature golden silk linings highlight the colors of the season.

You will find with pleasure this collection and its creators on:

 Shop Andy Ghionda

 but also on




Collection on sale now

visit Andy Ghionda’s official website to learn more


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