The Emporium at Design Archives Vintage

The Emporium at Design Archives Vintage

Yesterday’s trip downtown ended up at one of my long-time favorite locations, Design Archives. Now called The Emporium at Design Archives Vintage, it boasts twenty-some odd booths featuring small vintage shops that sell everything from Pan-Am airlines bags to Louis Vuitton-esque portable wet-bars, and literally everything in between. Design Archives’ owner, Kit Rodenbough, has been doing this for years, and boy is she good at it. I first crossed her store back when it was located on East Market Street, where I picked up my first purchase from her: a Stetson beaver hat with grosgrain band and peacock feather. Since then I’ve made many more purchases at her store, accumulating everything from Wrangler western shirts to Izod cardigans. She moved to Tate Street a few years back, then about two years ago to Elm Street. Located right across the street from the famous Natty Greene’s Brewery, she is making it one of the highest trafficked corners in downtown Greensboro.

The Emporium at Design Archives is home to quite a few booth owners, many of which specialize in one signature or another, from NC home shirts to Nosilla Vintage, which I mentioned a few weeks back.

Yesterday’s shop produced one purchase, a sample pair of Cone Denim jeans for my sister.

Check it out if you get a chance to stroll in downtown, but if you aren’t too close you can still check out her website in the click-through link.

Cool side story: Mark McNairy, a Greensboro native, bought out her entire capsule of vintage men’s sportshirts while he worked as the creative director for J. Press.

You can also read an awesome article about Miss Kit here or follow her on Twitter.

Thanks for the great visit, and see all of you again very soon.

One last thing, be a fan of her shop on Facebook by clicking here.