The Boar & Castle

The Boar & Castle

Here’s one for your North Carolinians. Boar & Castle was a famous restaurant known for their Castle Burgers and signature sauce. The restaurant is unfortunately no longer, although rumors have stirred that one might make a comeback in the city’s downtown growth plan, but the sauce has remained a mainstay throughout restaurants in NC and elsewhere. Boar & Castle Sauce has since been bought and consolidated with a company that produces another one of my local favorites that is now a nationally-known brand, Texas Pete. Click on the picture to head over to The Boar & Castle blog.

To quote Mast General Store about the sauce: “First developed in the 1920s at Greensboro’s Boar and Castle Restaurant, this tangy sauce that’s good on fries, burgers, and most any other thing you can think of will carry you back to the Friday night at the drive in!”

This folks is the drive-in they are referring to.

Also, you can click here to check out where you can pick up a bottle of their famous sauce.



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