Mack and Mack

Mack & Mack

Yesterday I took a trip downtown to Mack and Mack, a staple clothier located in the heart of the city of Greensboro on Elm Street. After speaking with one of the owners, Miss Robin made it clear and apparent they have (and have had for quite some time) something special going on. All of their in-house clothing is hand made in Greensboro and more likely in their store. This means these items not only are high quality, but born locally. They produce pieces made with some of the finest Japanese fabrics, crafting designs that are comfortable, easy, unstructured, and customized. They also carry a variety of unique pieces from elsewhere, one that particularly drew my attention was Flying Fig, which I will post just above this. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to view a blast from the past in getting a neat experience in the form of a tour of their store and a conversation with one of the Greensboro-natives that started it.

Click on the photo of their threads to head over to their site and check out what they have to offer.


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