Facebook Commercial

Eclipsing 1 billion users, while the stock still looks like a bunny slope out in Jackson Hole, Facebook has decided to hit the world with a commercial ad. I find the ad to be endearing, captivating, warming inside to know that the human element of societal living and connectivity through interdependence is what makes us a unique creature. None of which I related to Facebook. I think it’s funny that a company that thrives off of harvesting data about users wants to plant the idea seed in the viewer’s brain that they exist to connect us. They used to. They have now become the slug in the industry that is the standard, but my stepfather taught me a brilliant lesson early in life, “there is only one way to go from the top.” Truth spoken in its rawest form. Enjoy the commercial, it’s great, just has nothing to do with Facebook.

By the way, if you get a chance, head back a few posts and check out the new MySpace, or if you’re too lazy to stumble through my posts. Click here to view the new MySpace.



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