Loeb Strauss

Loeb Strauss

Loeb, later changing his name to Levi, was the founder of Levi Strauss. Along with a Mr. Jacob Davis, he invented the rugged and durable Levi’s jeans we now know as a staple in clothing today. The original logo depicted a pair of jeans being pulled in opposite directions by two horses, a symbol of durability. At the time, those working in the Gold Rush wanted a pair of pants that could stand the test of labor, with previous pants not having strong enough pockets to last. Mr. Davis came up with the idea to rivet the pockets, making them much stronger, and sold the idea to Mr. Strauss. Today, we’ve been left with the evolutionary product of this original invention. Topman just released a history of denim, selling four pairs of jeans modeled after the beginning decades. Click the Levi’s label and check out the interactive History of Denim page at Topman.


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