Women’s Outfit of the Week

Women's Outfit of the Week

Well, first and foremost I want to say that selecting outfits for ladies is tremendously more difficult than it is for men. And no, not because I’m wondering without a clue, rather the fact that women’s offerings are 100-fold if not more that of men’s. So, with that in mind along with the cooling down of temperatures and comfort (I’m a guy, we go for comfort over all, well most of us), I’ve selected the following outfit for the week, choosing two shoe options because, let’s be honest most women have trouble making this decision themselves. Here’s the list:

Hermes Cape Cod PM Watch
Stella McCartney Rounded Sunglasses
Elizabeth & James Peri Wedge Booties
Viktor & Rolf High Collar Tuxedo Blouse
Alexander Wang Elin Desert Booties
Pendleton, The Portland Collection LaPine Leggings
Augden Farrow Beret
Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Leather ID Bracelet
Maison Fabre Gabrielle 1 Glove


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