Smashed Ice Bag

Smashed Ice Bag

Now that I’ve gotten myself on a drink channel, I was looking back into the perfect cocktail ice. While I still stand beside the video posted at the beginning of the blog about the ice ball, this is interesting. Cocktails taste great on the rocks when the rocks don’t melt too quickly, hence the ice ball- the slowest melting shape. However, some drinks taste best when served very cold, which means crushed ice may in fact work better. For ice chompers, the latter is definitely the way to go, that is unless you really want an jaw breaker-sized ice ball to try your teeth on. Check out this article about making an ice smashing bag out of a pair of old jeans. It’s a cool way to upcycle something that might go in the trash. Just don’t do it if they have oil stains or something that could taint the ice on them.


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