10 most expensive classic cars

10 most expensive classic cars

I recently crossed an article discussing the price tags of the ten most expensive classic cars. This one caught my eye, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. It is incredible. Some of the others mentioned in the article were great as well. Everyone says first impressions are the most important. I guess that’s why Ferris Bueller drove the Ferrari California to pick up Sloane from school. Studies show that first impressions are fully formed in the first 5-30 seconds of meeting someone, but I would disregard this and say you instantly form opinions as the person walks up, as you check them out from head-to-toe, see what the drive up in, see how they walk, their height, their weight, etc. Driving up in something sounds like it just might help. Click on the red horsey and read about the other 9 most expensive classics.


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