Men’s Health vs. E.M.’s: 5 essential pairs of leather shoes every man should own

After GQ put out a sub-par list of what every man should carry in his pockets, I recently stumbled across an article on Men’s Health where they list 5 pairs of dress shoes (leather only) that every man should have to essentially go with everything.  Well, I completely disagree with the list, as well as some of the shoes.  Luckily, I have decided to put together an alternative.

Here’s the original article link here:  Men’s Health 5 Leather Shoes Every Guy Should Own

Now…my alternatives:

1.  Dark Brown Oxford:

Wing Tip Blucher in Burnished Tan 966 by Alden is ideal for this type of dress shoes.  Why?  Because it’s crafted such that it contains all the style of formal and clasic to dress-up, while it still has enough flare for dress-down.

This tobacco color option is also great:

2.  The Slim Black Oxford:

John Lobb’s Philip II is hande-down the most beautifully crafted black oxford that exists.  This brand could sweep all categories, but I’m diversifying to give you brand options, and not break the bank.

3.  The Chelsea Boot:

Scratch that, I don’t agree with this option.  The style doesn’t cater to every man.  Let’s replace this with a Brogue Boot.

Sandro’s boot isn’t quite a brogue, but cap-toe can easily be an acceptable alternative to the chelsea boot as well.

This Alden shoe is quite possibly one of my favorites in their entire collection.$pdp_fs418$

This alternative could replace the Chelsea as well.

4.  The Loafer:

Mr. Hare’s Mailer loafer is by and far the winner in this category.  No need to explain, the picture says it all.

5.  The Rugged Boot:

Every man in America knows that a pair of LL Bean’s Bean Boots are classic, the perfect example of the durable work boot that doubles as a style addition in the right weather/season.  These are made with buffalo, which has a much better, weathered and vintage look to the pair.

Thoughts?  I would love to hear feedback regarding my version vs. MH.



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