9 Things a Man Should Always Have in His Pockets (E.M.’s Edition)

9 Things a Man Should Always Have in His Pockets (E.M.'s Edition)

GQ attempted this in an article earlier this week. Here’s the link:
GQ Article

But, let’s be real, Michael Williams had to have either a massive number or just plain and simply massive pockets to have all those things.

I’ve made my own list. Let me know which you think is better, and at that, a tad more realistic. I’ve also included a few honorable mentions.

Here we go…. (pictures will follow write-up)

1) Moleskine: the small black book to document your every brilliant idea. Moleskine recently released a few styled models over plain black.

2) Collar Stay Credit Card: CollarCard offers something you can slide into the wallet (or back folder in the Moleskine) and forget about until you are at an event and realize the dry-cleaner removed your collar stays, and/or they are bent from a trip to pressing.

3) Minox Classic Mini Digital Camera: There is a reason celebrities love having something other than just their smartphone too. This camera is everything you could possibly want, plus it leaves out the excess space. Brilliant if you ask me. I think the price-point is great too on Amazon.

4) Handkerchief: This requires zero explanation. Don’t leave one hanging on yourself in public or private and always be there for someone who has their spirits down. Just don’t do the former prior to the latter. Even The Art of Manliness would agree this is a must.
Here’s my personal preference for a nice hanky for the back, non-wallet side pocket, which combines season style with the idea:
Or, just opt for the classic white cotton (silk isn’t as durable):

5) Foldable Sunglasses: Both Ray-Ban and Persol accomplish this, but there are a few others, Burberry is one of my preferences.

6) Pocket Knife: another requirement from The Art of Manliness.
So many options to choose from, but many people are purists or all-in-ones. For example, my father has a Swiss Army classic that has been filed and sharpened to the point that the blade is half its original thickness, but he won’t opt for a new one. Another friend carries a plain single blade bone handle. I prefer both. Here are the options:

7) Lip balm/Chapstick: for those adventurers, weather-bravers, or just looking to keep great personal hygiene and maintenance, this is also a must-have. I personally love Joshua Tree climbing hand salve as well, but there are a few lip products that are wonderful for daily use:

8) Phone: I thought it funny that Michael Williams emptied out his pockets and had no phone. Weird? I think yes. My personal favorites for current cell phones will not be included because it is apparent to me after becoming a smartphone owner that there are very serious allegiances to Android-based and Apple-based phones, and Blackberry users are still lingering. Use your best judgement, but there are a few tips I have to offer:
I. Don’t buy the shocking colorway
II. Look for best battery life and user ratings
III. Don’t buy it the first 1-2 months it is out, the price WILL drop.

Here is a good read about smartphones though:


9) Wallet/Billfold: I also found it funny that Michael Williams didn’t carry a wallet. This is probably my life-source of all things in my pocket, perhaps even over a phone. Wallets come in so many shapes and sizes that they are almost like phones for people in terms of allegiances.
Here are a few good ones:

Honorable Mentions:

10) Lighter: It’s always a gentlemanly task to provide a light for the lady in the room wanting to smoke a cigarette. Also, you never know when you need to singe something, burn off excess edges to some item, heat something up, light a stove, candle, etc. Very multi-purpose, also serving as a bottle opener to those talented enough.
Why I gave it an HM: Just as easy to strike up conversation with someone to borrow theirs, after all it’s not a one-time use item. A true gentleman should be social and extroverted enough to accomplish this.

11) Pen: What means to keep a journal unless you have a pen or pencil? Fortunately, like lighters, many people tend to carry these and many stores/shops/eateries/offices offer them for free. Why not use it as another point to create conversation and have one less thing in your pocket because you have social abilities.

12) Reading Glasses: I hope the majority of my followers and readers don’t require these, no pun intended. We’re all under 40, with exceptions. Let’s just believe that none of us have to use glasses to read with unless we regularly wear prescriptions.

Conclusion: Take that, GQ! (Karate Sound)


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